Luxury Stay Package

[Luxury Stay Package] Spend a blissful time at Sukiya Suite

We introduce a special program for "a luxurious holiday for adults where you can taste the real thing without compromise".
13:00 Arrival Meet & Greet at the domestic terminal and pick up with hotel car
14:00 Tea Ceremony Experience authentic Japanese hospitality at the Tea Ceremony house "Seifuan"

hotel lobby

Tea Ceremony

15:00 Esthetique Relaxing a 90-minute shape treatment for 2 people at the same time
17:30 Private Mini Concert String duo will play songs just for you at the VIP gallery


mini concert

18:00 Dinner Enjoy a special dinner and pairing wine at TATERU YOSHINO on the 4th floor

Wine Paring

Special Dinner

20:00 Hot spring Public bath is equipped with a sauna and it keeps you warm for ultimate comfort.

Sukiya Suite

Public Bath

22:00 BAR Enjoy famous sake and cocktails while gazing at the night view of the runway



07:00 Breakfast In room breakfast with live cooking by our expert chef
11:00 SHOP Last minutes' Shopping at the hotel's select shop as a memory of your trip
12:00 Departure Hotel staff take you to the domestic terminal with hotel car
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