"HOKUSAI" Movie Collab Project (It has finished on June 30th. 2021)


Dear Hokusai Lovers,
As you know, we held the Hokusai movie collab event in June 2021 and it was a great success.  We would like to thank every single one of you who visited our hotel during the event.  We will again hold another event in the future, so please look foward to that as well.  Since we continue to display the real Hokusai Manga pieces in all 171 rooms in our hotel, and we have some Hokusai art related products at our gift shop.  We hope you will remember us, Portom International Hokkaido, when you want to see Hokusai's work.  We ask for your continued support and patronage to our hotel. 

Best regards,

Staffs of Portom International Hokkaido

Encounter with Hokusai enriches your trip!

In honor of the movie "HOKUSAI" that will be screened from May 28, 2021 (Friday)
Portom International Hokkaido, the only hotel that displays genuine Hokusai Manga in all 171 guest rooms, will carry out a collaboration project until June 30, 2021(Wednesday).

Big Wave

Non alcohol cocktail

Red Fuji

Drawing Hokusai

Collab Menus

Big Wave”  (2,500yen) - at Tea Ceremony House "SEIFU-AN"
This is a thin green tea set incorporates sweet bean jelly designed like HOKUSAI's painting.
According to Hokusai's story, he liked desserts like sweet beans and mochi cake. 
You can also experience authentic tea ceremony at our tea house.

Non-alcohol cocktails, "Early Summer" and "Hokusai's Cure" (1,210yen each) - at CAFE SKY LIBRARY
"Early Summer" has a cocktail that mixed with green tea and sour plum syrup and remenicent of early summer.
"Hokusai's Cure" has a YUZU Citrus flavor which was inspired by Hokusai's miraculous story that he recovered from cerebral hemorrhage with YUZU jams.

"Red Fuji" (968yen) - at CAFE SKY LIBRARY
This cake's shape and the color was inspired from the image of Red Fuji that Hokusai loved.
The raspberry-flavored rich chocolate cream and the almond-scented sponge dough create a great match with alcoholic beverages.

"Drawing Hokusai"(1,210yen) - at CAFE SKY LIBRARY
This Cheesecake that is white as a canvas... why don't you paint this with sauce and fruits?  Draw it like Hokusai, once you get your cake all decorated, please do not to forget to post this on Instagram with hashtag #DrawingHokusai #TriedIt and win the competition!   


Hokusai Goods



During this project we exhibit genuine HOKUSAI MANGA and some real costumes from the movie casts at Guest Salon and Gallery.  Both area are usually hotel guests only permitted area.  This art tour is held 3 times a day, 10 a.m., 1 p.m., 5 p.m.,  please gather up 5 minutes before at the hotel lobby. 

HOKUSAI related goods collection 

At THE SHOP, we have Hokusai related goods like movie scenario book, memo, magnet, chocolate and post cards.  It's a perfect shop after you watched the movie and want to learn some more about Hokusai.


Official site of the movie "HOKUSAI"